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Travis Scott - La Flame [Documentary]

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Travis Scott drops this new, and super dope, documentary entitled 'La Flame' showing us a peak into his life while out here on the road trying to get it. From  chilling with Kanye West and Mike Dean to getting interviewed by Seth Rogan while showing him his video for 90210. 'La Flame' really shows us the tour life with album listening parties 30,000 ft in the air and behind the scenes looks before a few shows. We even get to check out a drug bust in action while the tour was in Vancouver. Peep it all below, straight up! 

Chance The Rapper ft Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz - No Problem [Live On Ellen]

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   Chance The Rapper finally lands on The Ellen Show but decides to bring some dread-heads along with him. Below we have the performance of 'No Problem' off of Chance's project 'Coloring Book' were he also brings out 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne! Wait towards the end of Lil Wayne's verse where he switches up the lyrics and throws in a Ryan Lochte line [super dope weezy]. Also peep Chance's sit down with Ellen and how they ran into each other:


DJ Khaled ft Nas - Nas Album Done [Video]

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  DJ Khaled wasn't playing when he said he is no longer making music videos, from now on he is only making movies. And with this being the first video after the statement Khaled didn't disappoint for his first movie. In the visual for DJ Khaled's third single, off his 10th album 'Major Key', we have the legendary Nas talking that talk and stressing his major keys. Khaled also features OX and several beautiful women to really set the vibes off, check it all below:


What Is Known And Posted?

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   Known and Posted is a new modern directory that brings communities together with several crazy features and offers a service like no other. From the business side or the consumer side of things Known And Posted has something for everybody. Businesses, you can get your place of business posted and instantly begin gaining traffic. Consumers, you can engage with the built in social media aspect of the site, meeting new friends (even get to know business owners), interact in groups and even let everyone know whats on your mind.

   But things don't just stop there, Known And Posted offers even more. If there is a business that has been featured for the month any user has the option of writing a review of the business and getting their write up placed on Know And Posted's blog. The even better part is that you will get paid for every review you get posted.

   So from the average Joe side of things you get this whole new social media that could lead to endless business opportunities. Plus you get paid (via PayPal) to write reviews of stores or websites. Who doesn't like that?

   Then from the business side of things not only can you get traffic to your site/blog just from being listed, traffic to your physical store from people writing reviews and a new social media where you can directly interact with your locals. Plus you'll get free well written reviews about what you offer posted online with even more links pointing towards you. Overall you can't beat that, especially with it all being in one package.

   Known And Posted is brand new and still in their upcoming phase but I think it would be a good idea to jump on the bandwagon before the movement gets to full!


Kobe Bryant X Jeff Stibel - Bryant Stibel Investment Fund

After playing 20-years in the NBA for the worldwide known Los Angeles Lakers it seems the Legend of Kobe Bryant, now 34, takes different route rather than basketball. A route that leads him towards the world of investing. A world that actually isn't that fairly new to the black mamba. 
    Kobe Bryant has built a relationship with Jeff Stibel (someone who he has met through a mutual friend), a relationship that now turned into a business venture.
Kobe Bryant and Jeff Stibel have come together to create the 'Bryant Stibel Investment Fund'. With both having already invested in 15 companies since 2013 including The Players Tribune, video game designer Scopely, and legal-services company like LegalZoom.com. Jeff Stibel is even known for founding several companies like Web.com. Kobe Bryant even went to say, "It's the inner belief that a person has that he will endure no matter what the obstacle may be. It's that persistence, the entrepreneur doing what he or she truly believes in and truly loves to do."
   With the fund only going to be around for the next few years with no other investors, exact the two, they still look for companies that they can add insight and valve.
Stibel even went to tell Wall Street Journal, " We don't want to be in business of investing in companies so someone can use Kobe as an endorser. That's not interesting. The point is to add real value."
   Now keep in mind this Kobe we are talking about so ain't no telling how far he might take this investment fund. We all know Kobe Bryant has been chasing Michael Jordan's 6 championships over the past 20-years and wasn't successful. Let's see if he'll be successful with trying to surpass Jordan's brand.

Shy Glizzy - You Know What [Video]

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Produced by Austin Millz. Shy Glizzy drops the first visual off of his latest project 'Yung Jefe 2' featuring several shots of the Glizzy Gang. Check out how things go down in Glizzy's hometown D.C. and peep him whipping his BMW around with smoke and the smell of burnt rubber behind him. You know what...

Young MA ft French Montana - OOOUUU [Remix]

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   New York City's own Young MA gets her single 'OOOUUU' taken to a whole new level when French Montana decides to hop on it for the remix. Young MA is Brooklyn's latest emcee with a story unlike you have heard or I can say. Peep the banging hit below and let me know what you think.


The Enlightenment: 10 Reason Why You Need A Slow Cooker

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 The slow cooker has been around for some decades now but I don't think people really understand the power this little device is capable of. After using one for a few years now I don't know why everyone doesn't have one already. So if your someone against getting one [for some odd reason] or just don't know enough knowledge to get one here are 10 reasons why you should have a slow cooker.

(1) Cost: Slow cookers can pricey depending on what you are looking for, and at the same time it depends on what you consider to be pricey. With the price range being around $10 to $100, all depending on what you r looking for, slow cookers come in many different sizes and functionally .
   I have seen a slow cooker that can hold only 1.5 quarts of whatever and then I have seen a slow cooker that can hold 18 quarts. Like I stated before, it all depends on what your looking for.
With all of them capable of doing the same task it really comes to how much did you want to pay and how many bells and whistles you wanted to come with it.
   It is kind of like buying a car, something I believe we all can relate to. You know no matter what car you decide to go with you will still be able to get from Point A to Point B. The only thing really to debate is the color and what extra features you want to pay for. Did you want a E-Class or a S-Class? Either way you will have some type of class.

(2)Time: Rustin Cohle, a character from HBO's series True Detective , said it best, "Time is a flat circle. Everything we have done or will do we will do over and over again-forever". This line is actually from Nietzsche's Doctrine of Eternal Resources. What Arthur Schopenhauer meant by that was showing the absurdity of life by declaring it's endless repetition. Like the endless repetition of preparing meals day-in and say-out.
   Since the invention of cooking I believe every day there has been some one standing over some type of heating source for hours just to enjoy a 15 to 20 minute meal. From workers throughout the food industry to all the stay at home moms/dads, to even those school lunch ladies. If not you someone is preparing that food your always thinking about. Unless you go the slow cooker route that is.
   All you have to do is give yourself an extra 10 minutes before work. That is enough time for you to throw everything you planned to cook after work in the slow cooker, put it on low and go start your day. Instead of coming home tired from work and spending more time standing trying to prepare your dinner you can come home to your meal waiting for you. Saving you major time and energy and most likely even blessing you with some leftovers.
   The flat circle then starts to seem 3D.

(3) Cooking: There is several different ways of cooking that have been discovered over the years. From baking, boiling, frying, even cooking on a open fire. There are endless ways to cook and then some, but the real question is which is the best route to go? Well if you haven't guessed it already, I am here to tell you slow cooking is the best option.
   Stove top, baking to even grilling all processes actually overheat your food in some form or fashion.

   When cooking either beef or pork you always lose vitamins like Thiamine, Niacin, Panotothenic Acid and even Riboflavin. Just about any way you cook you will always lose vitamins due to heat degradation it is just some ways lose less than others. Some with slow cooking as well. The only difference with slow cooking is with everything  being contained although you may lose vitamins it will still be in the food's liquid that will cook off over time. So cooking in any form will destroy vitamins but by slow cooking you will be destroying the least amount of vitamins

(4) Taste: Cooking anything in a slow cooker seems to magically bless the food with taste that are out of this world, even if you didn't even season your food to heavy. Vegetables attain vitamins and taste so good and meat becomes extremely juicy with every thing falling off the bone. The slow cooker can really make some body have a lose of words.
   Nowadays they even sell several products that are only meant for slow cooking purposes. For example, there is a product known as 'Liquid Smoke' that basically does what the title says. by adding the juice to your meat in the slow cooker it enhances the taste as if the meat was cooked above a pile of burning  wood  naturally  outside. Now no one said you can't use the product when cooking without the slow cooker but some thing about the slow cooking process really brings the best out of the 'Liquid Smoke'. Believe me when I tell you I have experienced the best tasting foods when using a slow cooker. I wouldn't be surprised if five star restaurant use them low-key.

(5) Cleaning: Now I am sure that most people will agree  that no body likes to clean up. The bigger the mess the less you want to clean it up. Something about looking at your work load before you actually tackle it is extremely depressing.
   Traditionally cooking requires the use of high temperatures that can some times over cook and even burn pieces of food or sauces to the pan that your using. The only method of cooking that doesn't leave things a complete mess is if you boil. But even boiling can some times get things caked on to the sides of the pot too.

   But with a slow cooker a simple wipe with a wet sponge can clean up anything left in the pot of the slow cooker. Due to the slow cooker not reaching high temperature nothing gets burnt to the point where it's caked on. No scrubbing should be required. They even sell bags that make clean up as easy as taking out the trash.

(6)Soups/Stews: Soups and stews have been around since the invention of cooking itself. I am sure we all have a special stew/soup that our grandma had taught us way back when, and maybe one day we will be able to pass it along to our kids. And it really isn't hard putting together a soup or stew either. Just throw some leftover meat in the slow cooker with your favorite vegetables add some chicken or beef broth and there you have it!
   But when you create a soup or stew in a slow cooker, just like everything else, the flavor is like no other. Unlike the stove top technique the slow cooker slowly and surely brings out all the flavors from everything that you have added. Plus, like stated before, the slow cooker still maintains all the vitamins from veggies and meat helping you enjoy every spoonful. Helping you take grandma's throwback recipe to a whole new level.

(7)Travel: Some people have certain tools that they can't live without. Things like power drills, a cellphone app and some even have their favorite cooking pan. Now focusing on the food side of things, although you have your favorite pan it can't cook everything you may need. Or when you happen to go out of town it's not like you will pack it up and take it with you. But with a slow cooker you can (you might have seen that coming)!

   Either going out of town and staying in a hotel room or going to stay with relatives there is nothing stopping you from bringing your slow cooker along with you. With so many sizes to choose from their is one slow cooker out there that will fit into any type of open space you may have. Some even come with locking lids so you won't have to worry about the lid sliding off and breaking into pieces. Plus you got to get your relatives hip to the new slow cooking revolution.

(8)Sauces: Just about any type of food taste way better with the perfect sauce. Now I don't know all the sauces in the world but I do know each one has a certain way to prepare it and only goes well with certain food. Taking things the fast food route, think about a Subway chicken, bacon and ranch sandwich with some ranch and chipotle sauces. Or take the classic McDonald's Big Mac with it's special big ac sauce. Everything has a sauce that takes things to the next level!
   Like soup, when it comes to preparing sauces with a slow cooker it is second to none. From the herbs to the seasoning to low temperature cooking the flavors will explode once they reach your taste buds. Also, if your using a big slow cooker like me you can jar the leftovers till you get to the point where your fridge has a shelf full of many different jarred sauces.

(9) All-In-One: Depending on your role at home you've had to have experienced an evening where you had to prepare a meal for the family all by your lonesome. If so you had to have noticed all the dishes that have pilled up form just one cooking session. Or even the other way around, instead of being the cook you had to play the role of dishwasher with a full stomach to accompany you.

   Wouldn't life be simple if we only had some type of device or machine that could cook your entire meal for you all in one? Well we do and it's called a slow cooker.
   The slow cooker can handle the meat, the sides and even the sauce all at once. Saving you not only the space on your stove but also it saves you from having to clean 5-8 pots once everything is all done. Instead you just have one thing to clean up and really is nothing to do that.

(10) Chef You: Who doesn't like some body who can cook? Good food is the key to someone's soul, or so they say. In other words, a slow cooker is your key to getting the key to someone's heart, if that didn't confuse you.
   Image having friends over for an event or going to see family for the holidays and you have to prepare a dish. Now some people will take the easy way out and go to their local restaurants and grab something, just order some pizza or even have endless finger food that you can pop right in the oven. Why not make the day unforgettable by making an unforgettable dish. Using, of course, a slow cooker.

   Not only would you not have to worry about taking the leftovers home, because there wouldn't be any, but also you would be the topic of every conversation. You will have your friends and family thinking you have taken up some serious cooking lessons in your free time. Just make sure you tell the truth if you ever play chef for a date, you don't want he/she to have the wrong impression from the start.

Travis Scott - 90210 [Video]

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 Directed by Hype Williams. Travis Scott takes us back to his debut album 'Rodeo' for the visual for his single 90210. With Travis Scott already being his own hype man with his action packed shows it's only right that he enlist Hype Williams for this action figured theme video. Peep the dope visual below and Travis Scott fucking up the city.

Apple Music X Cash Money Records - Before Anythang

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  After Cash Money records inks a deal with Apple Music it's only right that they get to pushing whatever product(s) they have been cooking up. And today we get to see the first product of many to come a documentary entitled "Before Anythang". In the preview for this Apple Music and Cash Money Records collabo we see that it focuses on the rise of the Cash Money empire before it was even a empire. Take a look below at the clips below of Birdman's rise to power in Apple Music's trailer for "Before Anythang"

The Revolutionist: Elon Musk

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There are so many people on this planet that have created or did something that will change the world as we know it. The sad past is, most of the average household won't ever know their name. Now nothing is wrong with that [there has been unknown legends for years now] but there are some people that must not go unknown. Just because their actions are way to impactful for us not to know. With all that being said, one person who shouldn't go unnoticed is Elon Musk.

 Elon Musk has done so much for this world already, yet so many aren't hip. From bringing solar panels to modern households, online banking in it's simplest form, creating the next generation of traveling to even lending a helping hand with space travel. Elon Musk is the true definition of DJ Khaled's 'Cloth Talk'. He is today's Tony Stark.

Solar City was basically Musk's first introduction into our life and his first investment in our future. Offering installment of solar panels throughout your property [usually the roof of your ho,e] at an understandable rate giving us all means of free and eco-friendly energy. Try to imagine a time when every home can obtain their daily energy usage through solar panels of their own. So many problems would be solved, all from decisions made years before hand.

   Then comes the well known Paypal. With this Elon Musk created a way to handle online business and banking way more simple. Rather waiting days for sending/clearing a check or being worried about  putting in credit card information on fishy web sites, now we can create an online bank account. Making online shopping stress a thing of the past. in the bigger picture, saving time and energy for everyone in the entire world!

But then there is Telsa. A company we all will be hearing and seeing a lot of over the next couple of years. Telsa being the first car start up company in years, and the first to be all electric based. Not only are these cars are super safe and eco-friendly Telsa offers free charging stations [for life] where Telsa owners an truly never have to fill up again depending on your location. Free energy at home, free energy for your car and free online banking, all basically from one mind.

Lastly, is something that is so major we don't even know how impactful the creation of this company is just yet. And that company is Space X. Space X takes the old saying, "Out with the old and in with the new" to heart and then to the max.
By simply using NASA's old rocket designs and reinvented/modernized the creation process. Bringing the world more useful and efficient new rockets that now are even helping NASA with space travel and God knows what else.

   Elon Musk isn't a normal human nor should he be viewed as one.  The revolution will be televised!


2 Chainz X GQ - Most Expensive Shit X Shaq's Car

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2 Chainz heads over to West Coast Customs for the latest episode of Most Expensive Shit. In this video we get to check out Shaq's custom convertible Mercedes S-Class with suicide doors. A convertible Mercedes S-Class that Shaq doesn't even want anymore and that is going for $250,000, just in case anyone was insterested.
   We also get a replica of the Ford Mustang from 'Gone In 60 Seconds' that is also going to run you $250,000. Check out the 4:00 mark and hear the beautiful sound of the Mustang starting up.

DeJ Loaf - Miami

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    Produced by Izze The Producer. DeJ Loaf slows things down and gives us a more laid back track dedicated to her new Miami love. Listen below as DeJ Loaf expresses her emotions and gives us all the reasons why she wants to be close to this new Miami mystery man.

Joey Roth X Grovemade Wooden Speakers

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   Grovemade is back at it again but his time around they get the help of designer Joey Roth. Keeping the theme of all wood everything going, Grovemade has created some dope new speakers made from maple or walnut.

   The interior of the speakers work as a concert hall enhancing the sounds being broadcast and eliminate standing, distortion-causing waves which is something we all don't like. Crafted in their Portland, Oregon workshop you can grab a set now for around $599


YG ft G-Eazy & Macklemore - FDT [Part 2/Remix]

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   After turning heads and making headlines with the original track "Fuck Donald Trump" featuring Nipsey Hustle it's only right that he made an interracial remix. This time around YG gets the help of G-Eazy and Macklemore to show that this ain't no one sided dis song. It's more than blacks and muslims that don't care for The Donald or whatever he stands for. Peep the video below and see what some really think of Trump. 

Desiigner - Tiimmy Turner [Lyric Video]

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The good folks over at RapGenius.com have put together a video that the entire hip hop community can benefit from. In other words, we can actually see exactly what Desiigner is saying and what he means in his new track entitled, "Tiimmy Turner". In this odd and eerie visual we get a line by line breakdown of both verses and the hook. So for all of you who love the XXl freestyle turned song but don;t know what is really being said your prayers have been answered.

YG ft Drake & Kamaiyah - Why You Always Hatin [Video]

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   YG takes stunting to a whole new level in his visual for his new single 'Why You Always Hatin'. Featuring Drake & Kamiyah the video shows some wild and expense whips swerving down the street, clear ports for helicopter landing, fine dining only meant for royalty and a slight roof top turn up in the middle of the night. West Coast vibes are in full effect in this one, and yes that red 600 is actually YG's car.


Chance The Rapper - Summer Friends [Live]

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   Chance The Rapper took a break from his Magnificent Coloring Book tour to bless the stage at 'Good Morning America' with the help of Francis and the lights plus Peter Cottontale. Performing the jam 'summer friends' from his most recent project Coloring Book. Check out the video of the laid back chill performance that still gives the song justice below. No drums needed.

Nike SB - "Road" Pack

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   Paying tribute to road trippers Nike is coming out with a three-part delivery. The three being the Dunk Low Premium, Stefon Janoski Elite and Paul Rodriguez 9. The looks comes from the look of Sunbaked asphalt with black and white colorway to finish things off. I think all three are pretty sweet, check out the photos below and let me know what you think of their design.


Super NIke Nando - Hittin Fo'

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   Produced by Leland Levinchi. Super Nike Nando gives us another track to vibe to with the same question we always seem to ask 'What's it hittin fo'? The groovy vibes and chill bars goes well with the hi hat driven laid back beat. Sounds like something you can ride to. Putting on for the DMV to the max as usual, listen to Super Nike Nando's Hittin Fo' below and get ready for that Last Shall Be First.