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Chance the Rapper - Coloring Books

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   After everyone and their mother sat quietly and waited the time has finally come, Chance The rapper's third project is finally hear! i honestly thought it really was going to be called 'Chance 3' but to my surprise it is entitled 'Coloring Books' . Even though the labels tried to stop the kid, Chance still pulled off some major features through the project like Kanye West, Future, Jeremih, Young Thug, Jay Electronica and more. take a listen to the entire album below by streaming it or go ahead and grab it via Apple Music in the link.

Nardwuar vs Drake [Video]

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The living legend Nardwuar links up with Drake once again and this time around I believe he did his thang. But this time around Drake has Noah aka 40 by his side, who also gets his share of the wraith of Nardwuar. But there is some much knowledge being dropped throughout this hour long interview words wouldn't really do it justice. Peep the entire piece below:

Desiigner - Panda [Video]

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   After all the comparisons, and even landing a higher spot on the charts than Future has ever grabbed, G.O.O.D. Music's own Desiigner finally releases the visual for your hit single 'Panda'. Although there isn't any pandas any were in the video, to a lot of peoples disappointment but on the bright Mr. Pablo aka Kanye West does make an camo towards the end. Check out the video below which was dropped exclusively on Tidal 


Is Kendrick Lamar the New Face of Hip-Hop?

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   Ever since the creation of hip-hop there has always been a 'face' to go along with it. A face that some will say is 'that dude' or even that they're 'the best doing it' just to have that representation. Sometimes it's been someone new every year and some have held down the title for a few years back-to-back. But I'm here express my opinion and set the record straight for some of those non believers out there. TDE's own Kendrick Lamar [K.Dot] is currently the true face of hip-hop as of right now.

   Now before I start being told from left and right of how wrong I am let me cover for myself by saying, I'm just saying. I'm just saying, I think after how long and hard he has be grinding for the shine it's about time we all pay our dues. I'm just saying, compared to a lot of rappers that are out [and a few old heads too] Kendrick's bars are way more premediated and can hold greater substance. I'm just saying, all while Kendrick stays two steps ahead of the gam mentally; physically he doesn't show off his riches like the modern superstar rapper is 'suppose to'. But like with everything that I write, just let me say what I got to say.

   Drizzy Drake, or like he likes to say it nowadays 'the new Jay', came into the game hotter than any other rapper that came before him for sure. Not only was just about every body of work he released was highly anticipated and still is to this day. With so many number one records and collaborations from the start of his career to even now, I'm pretty sure everyone will agree that Drake has been the face of Hip-Hop for the past couple of years. The best example I can argue is how his first time at the Grammys not only did he get to perform but he also brought out Lil Wayne, Kanye West and Eminem to perform their summer smash 'Forever'. But if you consider having major fame, number one records and albums plus all the riches is what it takes to be the true face of hip-hop, then overall Jay Z has had the title for a while now then. I believe, like with actors, actresses and athletes some times you do have to factor in the awards as well. And dealing with music not all awards have or hold the same value. Except for the one held to the highest honor by any musician, The Grammys.

   The Grammys are to a musician as The Oscars are towards an actor. Or it could be compared to that Championship Trophy that every athlete has at least dreamt about. A Grammy is like a skipping of a rock; everyone wants to see who can skip their rock the fairest. So just for this argument alone let's factor in the new age rappers and just how many times they have 'tried to skip their rock' and let's see how many times 'their rock actually skipped'.

   First lets take a step back and even out the playing field. I'm only comparing K.Dot to the peers of his generation, or the only ones who seem to be on his level. Basically, I'm only comparison Kendrick Lamar to Drake and to J. Cole. Through my eyes and ears in this new age of rappers the three kings of the game are currently Drake, Kendrick and Cole [My reasons for those three could and probably will develop into another article]. Now let's talk some numbers.

   Starting with J. Cole, just to get his name popping in the conversation, believe it or not, he really doesn't get the credit he deserves. Out of the big three he does have the least amount to show for it (when referring to the awards, sales and tour numbers) but his message is one of the strongest, if not the strongest out now. But back to the topic of this Grammy debate. J. Cole has no Grammys. He has been nominated 4 times and has never won. Drake has been nominated 27 times and won only once. Kendrick Lamar has been nominated 20 times and has won 7 times. Men lie, Women lie, Numbers Don't.

   On top of all that Kendrick has only two albums out that have given him a #1 and #2 spot, all while keeping the heart of the streets behind his movement. And yes a lot of rap greats get o the next step through beefs and battles to some, like Jay Z to Nas or Drake to Meek Mill. But watch out for what's cooking up between Kendrick Lamar and Jay Electronica. If it does play out I think this one would be well worth it 

French Montana - Wave Gods [Mixtape]

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Hosted by the Wave God Max B, French Montana drops his highly anticipated mixtape 'Wave Gods'. With features from Kanye West, Nas, Future, Big Sean and more. Peep the track list and take a listen/download the mixtape below:

Rihanna X PUMA - Fenty Trainer

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Rihanna and Puma showcase their latest collection release of the 'Fenty Trainer' featuring three new color ways. The look and vibes of these kicks are dope but one thing that really caught my eye was the shoelace system. Peep 'White Out', 'Black Out' and 'Red Alert' below:

Reflex - The World's First Flexible Smartphone [Video]

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A flexible smartphone is something that I wouldn't think would be here for years to come honestly, but since it is here lets bask in the glory. Some can't be to shocked about this new invention, just a quick glimpse of the Samsung Curve TV and you can sort of see where they got their intentions/ideas from. The coolest part about this new smartphone, beside the screen's range of motion, is how it is just about unbreakable. Check out the video below to see all the features of Reflex:


ABC Nightline X DJ Khaled - The King of Snapchat

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It's about time somebody exposed what DJ Khaled has been up to this whole time under the radar. DJ Khaled has been on the pathway. ABC Nightline caught up with DJ Khaled to ask him just how crazy his life has been ever since he became the King of Snapchat. Which is sort of an under statement when you look at DJ Khaled's track record since 2007, but take a peep below at just how hectic the life of the 'Just Know' founder truly is:

Rihanna ft Drake - Work [Video Teaser]

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Even though this might seem like enough just keep in mind there is plenty more to come very soon. Check out below a video teaser below of Rihanna's latest single 'Work' featuring the 6 God Drake from her latest album 'ANTI':


The Power of Beyonce

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   If you don't live under a rock and are at least hip to some of the current music, I think its safe to say that when it comes to the artist Beyonce Knowles that we can rightfully give her the title as a 'demi-god' she has become right before our eyes. And now at the level that she is at I truly believe no one can mess wit the power of Beyonce.

   The idea that the power of Beyonce is unfuckwitable all came to mind at the conclusion of Super Bowl 50 weekend. Basically, like we learned with her last project, Beyonce had the world going crazy and every young fan foaming at the mouth once all of her schemes came into play.

   First, this entire fiasco started when Beyonce dropped her latest single 'formation'. Mind you that there was zero to no promo for the release and when she did post it to go viral she also included a video to go along with it too. Noe Bey already picked the world up and dropped it on it's head with her fifth studio album 'Beyonce'. All by surprisingly dropping the album out of no where and including a video for every song on that project. Which is genius really because now-a-days everyone wants to 'see' it all, so a visual for the songs is way better than just putting out a song! Plus mostly everybody I know will rather watch a video instead of listening to a song if someone offered. With all that being said I think its safe to assume that from here on out Beyonce will forever randomly release her singles with zero promo and with the visual right along with it.

  But one thing I can't really think of is have you ever know of an artist to release new music the day before the Superbowl, and then perform that very song the next day at the Pepsi's Superbowl halftime show? Truthfully I don't know of anybody else that can say that they have, and for Beyonce to be the first that should remind you of just how powerful she really is.

   But the flawless Mrs. Carter doesn't just stop there, the real magic trick is still waiting up her sleeve. After shutting down Cold Play's own halftime show with her less than 24hour new single 'Formation', Queen Bey had things set up so that her own commercial was the next thing all the viewers seen. And in that commercial  she announced that she will be doing a 'Formation World Tour'.

   So Beyonce dropped a new single [with no promo], performed it the next day for the first time ever at the Pepsi's Superbowl 50 halftime show, and the announced a world tour. Now mind you I know for sure she'll drop a new album soon but to do all of this just with a single.... But even if there is no album you already know her World Tour will still sell out.

Rel - Heart to Heart II [Prod. RMB Justize]

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Rel delivers the part two, if you will, to his own mixtape series 'Heart to Heart'. All in time for everyones Valentines Day events and even just about anything dealing with your loved ones, this is the tape you should have queued to play next. With all the production done by RMB Justize and KOK's own Rel completing the rest this tape is well worth the listen:

Jay Electronica - Curse of Mayweather

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Jay Electronica is done bitting his tongue, its time to get some things off his chest. In his new track 'Curse of Mayweather' Jay Electronica takes some shots directly Kendrick Lamar and even has some words for 50 Cent. All over a classic boom gap beat Electronica debates if he is 'Jedi or Sith' then if he is 'Neo in the matrix or is he Mr Smith', all while staying true to his roots and downplaying anything that isn't. Take a listen below:

Captain America Civil War [Trailer]

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Now I've grown to become a fan of the all of the Avengers super heroes, especially now that Hollywood is creating some amazing visuals to go along with the stories. But not just the Avengers series is getting the special treatment each avengers standalone movies are getting better and better every year, and this time around its Captain America's time. If you've seen the previous Captain Americas just watch the first minute of the new trailer with have you dumb struck [you're not alone]. They teased this one so well I truly can't wait to see it:


Beyonce - Formation [Video]

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Beyonce has once again shut the game down, just in time for the Super Bowl. In which she perform this new single for the first time. Peep the dope visuals for Bey glorification of 'bam a' and take a look at the crazy shots throughout New Orleans below:

Yo Gotti - Down In The DM [Video]

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Yo Gotti's latest banger 'Down In The DM' finally gets visual assistance, and the wait was well worth it. And unlike most other rapper's visuals this actually stays true to the song lyrics, which always makes the presentation better. Keep an eye out for DJ Khalad's cameo, its pretty funny:


Kendrick Lamar - Black Friday

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Via TDE records, Kendrick Lamar returns the favor to J.Cole and decides to jump on his 2014 Forest Hills Drive single 'Tales Of 2 Cities'. Not only does K.Dot snaps throughout the entire track but he shouts out RocNation to the max. From saying he would kill anything that Cole tells to get on, to Kanye West for prez [and bumping College Dropout in the white house] to even saying that the Roc was his favorite. Lamar isn't one to mess with:

J.Cole - Black Friday

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Via Dreamville Records, Jermaine Cole decides to bless the world with his on Black Friday deal. Cole goes over Kendrick Lamar's To Pimp A Butterfly single 'Alright' just to remind us all that he is bipolar due to his hot whip and cold flow. Mr. Warm Up also hints at the long awaited duo project between Cole and K.Dot possibly dropping in February. With that being said and with this track dropping on Black Friday I can only guess that the theme of J.Cole and Kendrick Lamar's project could be related to Black History Month.... Just something for you to sleep on:


Young Thug - Slime Season [Mixtape]

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Young Thug drops his new mixtape 'Slime Season' with features all throughout it, including [most likely his only song with Weezy F] the few months old single 'Take Kare' featuring Lil Wayne. It also features his highly promoted latest track 'My Bestfriend' in which Young Thug caught some legal heat over:

Yo Gotti - Fuck 'Em [Video]

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Yo Gotti keeps it all the way real in his visual for his track "Fuck 'Em" off of his previous project 'Concealed', hosted by DJ Drama. And although this isn't a up-to-date track to drop a visual for I believe its just a smooth way to promo his latest project 'The Return':

Mike WiLL Made It - #InstrumentalTuesday Vol.16

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I guess I'm super late to Mike WiLL's marketing scheme of dropping some free bangers for who ever every tuesday. I say that because this is the first time I've posted any of them on here and this is Vol. 16. But better late than never, peep two free bangers below from Mr. Made It himself: