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Nas X Erykah Badu - This Bitter Land X The Land

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   After DJ Khaled released the track-list for his upcoming 9th studio album the world went crazy when they seen one named 'Nas Album Is Done'. Not simply for the fact that DJ Khaled has Nas featured on his album but because, like the title of the song says, Nas has a new album.
   Now while everybody is hyped for new music from the Hip-Hop Legend, me included, I seen something else about Nas that got my attention. Nas is an executive producer for a new movie, and it takes place in Believeland of all places.

"The land tells the story of four teenage boys who devote their Summer to escaping the streets og Cleveland, Ohio to purse a dream life of professional skateboarding. But when they get caught in the web of the local Queen-pin, their motely brotherhood is tested threatening to make this Summer their last."

Below we have the first track released from the soundtrack of The Land by Nas himself featuring Erykah Badu entitled "This Bitter Land". Be on the look out for the film coming out July 29th and get ready to grab the soundtrack as well.


Michelle Obama DNC Speech 2016

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I got a feeling that Michelle Obama went to the Democratic National Convention just to send out a reminder that she ain't nothing to be messed with. Although the majority of the speech was used to praise and endorse Hilary Clinton on the other end she was throwing some shots at the republicans. The speech gives itself justice all which I believe Flotus was showing Mrs.Trump how it really is done. From the beginning to the end Michelle Obama hits all the right points and stays original while looking amazing. I know Hilary was hyped the whole time:

Kickass Torrents is No More

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   Nothing last forever, no matter how hard you try to make it last, at one point everything is bound to come to an end. Just like the beloved kickasstorrents dot com, who recently has meet it's maker aka has come to an end. Since being created back in 2008 Kickass Torrents has had the torrent game on lock! They truly were number 1 out of all others on the torrent landscape and if they weren't first then they must have been second to none.

The founder and creator of the site is a 30 year old Ukranian who goes by the name of Artem Vaulin. Vaulin was arrested while in Poland and is being charged with criminal copyright infringement and money laundering.
A complaint dealing with the site read, "KAT has relied on a network of computer servers around the world to operate, including computer servers located in Chicago, Illinois". Which was one of the red flags that caused the US government to get involved (the red flag of having any server doing illegal work in the states). All of which that was noticed and pointed out by agent Jared Der Yeghiayan, that same guy who took down Silk Road. " I located multiple files that contained unique user information, access logs, and other information. These files include a file titled 'passwd' located in the 'etc' directory, which was last accessed on or about January 13, 2016, and which identified the users who had access to the operating system", Der Yaghiayan said.

Now I'm not knocking Jared for doing the excellent job but man, these are about to be some sad times we live in. With no Kickass Torrents I guess people actually have to buy Netflix or upgrade to some premium packages with their cable provided or something, sigh...


Justice League [ Trailer]

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   First it was the Wonder Woman trailer that got everybody feeling like a kid again, and then they hit us with this! the Justice League movie trailer is finally here! And just like the story goes Batman, Ben Afflack, gets a hint of a new threat that will arrive sooner than later and has to form a team of powerful God-like heroes to fight as one and to be prepared for the worse.

   Throughout the trailer you see a sneak peak of who all is included in this original Justice League as Batman travels around trying to get these incredible beings to commit to the cause. No sign's of Superman in the trailer, although we do see Wonder Woman, but I got a feeling he'll definitely show his face at one point. From Flash to Aqua Man ain't no telling just so how epic this movie will be this soon. So until the release this trailer, thus far, is all we have to droll over till then:

Wonder Woman [Trailer]

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It seems like DC Comics was tired of sitting around and seeing Marvel get all this money every summer with blockbuster hit after hit super hero movies. I can actually recall seeing the first Avengers's movie and thinking "they're dope but could they beat the Justice League?". Even then I failed to realize that Marvel had the game on lock, without any sign of any DC Comics movie coming any time soon. Besides all the classic Super and Batman movies of course. But fast forward a few years and all of a sudden we have the best seats in the house to witness the DC Comic's coming out party [pause].

Like I stated earlier, we all have seen the classic Superman and Batman movies over the past decades. With so many versions and styles throughout all of the years I know you've seen one of them. But it's time to get out of that sexiest mindset. After so many remakes and do overs of the two lengendary male superheros why hasn't anyone stopped to think "what about Wonder Woman?". Well for those of you who have thought that thought from time to time the wait is over, she has arrived. Check out below the highly anticipated Wonder Woman trailer, where it takes things back to the very beginning before she became Diana Prince (If your hip). So even if you've seen Wonder Woman in the new Batman vs Superman her movie goes way back to tell/show us just how she got here. Although is seem oddly similar to the story of Superman (who would have guessed, ha) trust me when I say I'm still hyped for the release:


Desiigner - Tiimmy Turner

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Desiigner has started off his career a lot better than most artist and signing with G.O.O.D. Music, I believe, is a major factor to this cause. With the summer smash hit 'Panda' still killing the airwaves and his freshly debut mixtape 'New English' on the market this was the perfect time to release is next banger. Even though the hype really started back during his 2016 XXL freshman freestyle was put out to the public back in June

It began to get more and more exposure as the video of the XXL freestyle was shared across just about everyone's social media timelines. Some even went as far as making a spoof of the video just knowing it too would get many views and blow up in no time. From the finger snapping beat to the wild bars that comes to Desiigner you can tell why so many people helped to expose it.

But then jump just about a month ahead of that memorable freestyle and Desiigner gives us the fully completed song itself. With Mike Dean on the keys the crazy 808's to the smooth crisp mix it truly gives justice to the original freestyle. But all while taking it to a whole new level, at the same time! Which brings me back to my original point, Desiigner signing to G.O.O.D. Music was really the best fit for him. With so many powerful resources, minds, plus the DONDA foundation working hand-in-hand behind the scene we truly get to see Desiigner's thoughts being brought to life in the dopest way. Just his freestyle turned it below:


Most Expensive Shit X 2 Chainz - $48k Vintage Sunglasses

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   A lot of people have gotten hip to the new web series and really has made some waves across the web here and there. Starring Atlanta's own 2 Chainz and featuring the founder of Vintage Frames and Sunglasses connoisseur Corey Shapiro, the two try on some of the most expensive sunglasses this world has to offer. From $500 - $50,000 take a peep below of just how wild and pricey these eye protectors and turn out to be.


Chance The Rapper: The Herd-less GOAT [ESPY Performance]

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   Chance the Rapper has really been showing just what he truly is capable of doing/creating. Minus the time lapse in between, when looking at his overall body of work musically, he doesn't really have a large amount of material for you to browse through. Yet he already has timeless hits that many would agree to. But with that being said, maybe that's why no one pays any mind to his material's body count (if you will) and patiently wait for mare. I know I do.

   And it's not just a certain type of hit when it comes to Chance the Rapper, he's already showing how he can make two completely different songs and still affect two different parties of people in the same manner. For example, (to Zane Lowe's point) Chance really came into the people's eyes once he dropped "Acid Rap". Mind you it's called "Acid Rap". Made at a time when Chance was already all about that turn up lifestyle, with the majority of the music focusing on the late night or tripping. With still a sprinkle of inspirational vibes mixed in too. Now don't get me wrong I understood that when trying to get on as an artist you sometimes have to do what at first may not seem like you. And at the same time I'm not knocking Chance nor saying he wasn't expressing his true self. Just pointing out how the people's first impression to Chance the Rapper was a dope [both terms] rapper would enjoys an acid or two.

   Then a few years later turn around and release his next next solo installment "Coloring Book". A body of work, unlike "Acid Rap", that focuses more on living a spiritual loving life and also supports the role of being a family man and lending support to those in need. A complete change from the turn up stay out late type of vibes on his previous body of work.
Now, more or less, we get that Sunday morning *slash* thankful I got a job as I'm driving on the way to it type of music. Still the songs sound and are extremely dope plus can inspire you to clean the whole house and cut the grass in an afternoon if need be. All while you can turn up to Acid Rap late Saturday before, during and after your making evening plans get accomplished and still pull off a successful night.

   But all that to say this, it wasn't until the 2016 Espy that I seen another side of Chance the Rapper once again in his tribute performance to Muhammad Ali. Honestly it was the best tribute performance that I have ever seen. It truly was a live work of art. Visually and Sonically. From the song, to the choir, to the vibe, to the roars and cheers at the conclusion of it all. It truly was a live work of art. The crazy part is that Chance is still young and an independent artist who still has so much to give and the talent to back it up. He is no caged bird and is able to take whatever route he desires just from his skill and business mindset, from what we have witnessed so far. And ain't no telling where he will be in a few years from now. Regardless,Chance the Rapper is still label free with major relationships all throughout the game plus a even tight one with the Rap GOATS Jay Z and Kanye West. Just remember who it was that told you before it's to late... that boy Chance Good!!


Pokemon Go: Retro Is Always In

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Pokemon Go
   It feels like the 90's all over again and I love it! Them good old Pokemon are back and even better than before. The new #1 app in all app stores, Pokemon Go, has taken the world by storm and everyone is okay with it. Not only are the 90's babies relapsing from trying to catch them all, but even younger generations of fans that the Pokemon franchise has gained over the years with all new seasons of the show. Or just original fans passing along to hype to their kids.

   Think back to the mid-90's when you just got your new Game-boy color and you've finally gotten the new Pokemon game (blue or red, or waited and got yellow). Then, of course, you spend hours upon hours laying/sitting staring at the screen and mashing buttons like it was your first smartphone ever. Actually, for some, Game-boys were like their first smartphones they just couldn't do calls, text or data like nowadays. But with that being said, fast forward to now when everyone does have a smartphone and wouldn't dare be seen in public with a Game-boy/Nintendo DS, unless it's your kids or something. Wouldn't it be way better if you could just play your favorite game via your smartphone and maybe even with some updated graphics. Well wait no longer, that exact ideal game is actually here.

View of catching wild Pokemon
Pokemon Go is finally here and everybody and their mama is on it. Niantic, the same creators of Ingress, has went above and beyond with this new joint venture with the Pokemon Company. The game is all based off of your GPS location and your daily movements. Besides Ingress, Pokemon Go is the first type of game of it's kind, unlike most games you literally have to get out and 'Go' to play the game. From Pokemarts to Gym battles to even catching wild Pokemon all requires you to keep the application open and to be on the GO. And even for the people that live in there car they have even thought of a way around that. Every now and then in between catching Pokemon you can also get eggs. But the trick about the eggs is that you truly have to walk (some have said skateboarding works too) a certain distance. But basically it's called 'Pokemon Go' because the main thing about the Game is that you have to be on the 'Go'.
You can even use watches so you won't need the app open all day!
   From the features all throughout the game plus the many more I'm sure they'll update with way more features as well as the game  really is a flashback to the 90's. But go get the app and get addicted to it yourself. Gotta catch 'em all!


Black Lives Matter X Jay Z - Spiritual

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Alton Sterling
 It's a sad time all across of America right now. It seems like the time and age we live in our protectors are, slowly but surely, turning out to be our masters. And when ever even one person steps out of line they're made an example of worse case being murdered. The saddest part about it all is that none of this is new to us. We as a nation have been dealing with these crooked cops for decades now, Especially in the black community. But recently things have turned for the worse after the recent deaths of two innocent African Americans. the death of these two men has caused a chain reaction of protest not just in America but worldwide. Now the American black community has seen a lot of heart aches overtime an even dealt with some of these issues in the past recent years but this time around it seems people no longer want to sit around and wait for the next shooting.

Philando Castile and Alton Sterling were two victims that gotten their lives taken for little to no reason. Both men taken from their families and both leaving behind kids that'll now grow up fatherless.

Philando Castile
Philando Castile was pulled over for a routine traffic stop that quickly turned worse than originally expected. Officer Jeronimo Yanez asked Philando for his license and registration but when Philando went to reach for his wallet Yanez began to open fire. Shots landed in his arm, with no one else being hit, which soon caused him to lose consciousness due to blood lose and eventually pass away. the officer at the scene was Joseph Kauser and now both Yanez and Kauser are currently on paid leave.

The second killing happened to exact next day following the Castile killing. Alton Sterling was approached by two officers [Blane Salamoni, Howe Lake II] who were contacted because there was a man selling CD's that had a gun. In the video taken by the people in the car next to Sterling all you see is two officers go from having a conversation, to pinning/holding him down to shots being fired. Mind you Alton was on the ground with two cops [grown ass men] on top of him holding him down, and then they decide to shoot him.

Pointless deaths after pointless deaths and ain't no telling when they will end. But if your like me and need some music to calm you down check out Jay Z new single. He recorded it years ago following the death of Freddie Grey and sadly he knew there would be another time for it's release. Peep Jay Z new song create in response to moment like these "Spiritual" and love one another!


The NBA In 2017

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   The NBA may have taken a turn for the better or worse following the 2015-2016 playoff season. Even with Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavilers being the first team to come back  from being down 3-1 in the NBA finals, against Steph Curry and the Golden State warriors. One final, I must say, that'll probably go down as one of the most epic finals ever (and one that I'll never forget).

   All-in-all, it seemed like the league was flipped on it's head at the start of this year's free agency. As if the entire league went from "One for all" to "All for one". The first major news was that of Derrick Rose. After starting his NBA career with Chicago Bulls for 8 years D Rose is now officially a New York Knick. Although his past recent years have been plagued by his season ending knee injury a few years back, this really could be the jump start Rose needed to really get back to what he use to be. Not to mention he is now playing with All-Star Carmelo Anthony and a handful of other top tier role players, I don't see how Derrick Rose can't have a somewhat better career in New York than he has thus far in Chicago.

   The Derrick Rose move did turn a few heads but nothing like when Kevin Durant announced he is leaving he OKC Thunder for the Golden State Warriors. Durant took the old saying "if you can't beat 'em join them" to a whole new level. If you were up 3-1 in the Western Conference Finals and then lost, would you then turn around and join that same team that beat you the following year? Now I know everyone has already stated their two cents, and then some, about the move, so all I'm say about it is hopefully Kevin Durant made the right decision.

   But back to the Bulls, who low-key may have had the best come up thus far in the 2016 free agency. Not only did they get rid of Derrick Rose but they also picked up Rajon Rondo from the Kings and grabbed Dwayne Wade from Miami. I'm not 100% on the key players in their plans, if they have the cap space, but regardless they've gotten some major key s to success. Even with people saying their back court can't shoot 3's [Rajon Rondo, Dwayne Wade] I still think with the players they have they can make some noise.

Is it NBA time Again yet?


Chance the Rapper - Coloring Books

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   After everyone and their mother sat quietly and waited the time has finally come, Chance The rapper's third project is finally hear! i honestly thought it really was going to be called 'Chance 3' but to my surprise it is entitled 'Coloring Books' . Even though the labels tried to stop the kid, Chance still pulled off some major features through the project like Kanye West, Future, Jeremih, Young Thug, Jay Electronica and more. take a listen to the entire album below by streaming it or go ahead and grab it via Apple Music in the link.

Nardwuar vs Drake [Video]

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The living legend Nardwuar links up with Drake once again and this time around I believe he did his thang. But this time around Drake has Noah aka 40 by his side, who also gets his share of the wraith of Nardwuar. But there is some much knowledge being dropped throughout this hour long interview words wouldn't really do it justice. Peep the entire piece below:

Desiigner - Panda [Video]

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   After all the comparisons, and even landing a higher spot on the charts than Future has ever grabbed, G.O.O.D. Music's own Desiigner finally releases the visual for your hit single 'Panda'. Although there isn't any pandas any were in the video, to a lot of peoples disappointment but on the bright Mr. Pablo aka Kanye West does make an camo towards the end. Check out the video below which was dropped exclusively on Tidal 


Is Kendrick Lamar the New Face of Hip-Hop?

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   Ever since the creation of hip-hop there has always been a 'face' to go along with it. A face that some will say is 'that dude' or even that they're 'the best doing it' just to have that representation. Sometimes it's been someone new every year and some have held down the title for a few years back-to-back. But I'm here express my opinion and set the record straight for some of those non believers out there. TDE's own Kendrick Lamar [K.Dot] is currently the true face of hip-hop as of right now.

   Now before I start being told from left and right of how wrong I am let me cover for myself by saying, I'm just saying. I'm just saying, I think after how long and hard he has be grinding for the shine it's about time we all pay our dues. I'm just saying, compared to a lot of rappers that are out [and a few old heads too] Kendrick's bars are way more premediated and can hold greater substance. I'm just saying, all while Kendrick stays two steps ahead of the gam mentally; physically he doesn't show off his riches like the modern superstar rapper is 'suppose to'. But like with everything that I write, just let me say what I got to say.

   Drizzy Drake, or like he likes to say it nowadays 'the new Jay', came into the game hotter than any other rapper that came before him for sure. Not only was just about every body of work he released was highly anticipated and still is to this day. With so many number one records and collaborations from the start of his career to even now, I'm pretty sure everyone will agree that Drake has been the face of Hip-Hop for the past couple of years. The best example I can argue is how his first time at the Grammys not only did he get to perform but he also brought out Lil Wayne, Kanye West and Eminem to perform their summer smash 'Forever'. But if you consider having major fame, number one records and albums plus all the riches is what it takes to be the true face of hip-hop, then overall Jay Z has had the title for a while now then. I believe, like with actors, actresses and athletes some times you do have to factor in the awards as well. And dealing with music not all awards have or hold the same value. Except for the one held to the highest honor by any musician, The Grammys.

   The Grammys are to a musician as The Oscars are towards an actor. Or it could be compared to that Championship Trophy that every athlete has at least dreamt about. A Grammy is like a skipping of a rock; everyone wants to see who can skip their rock the fairest. So just for this argument alone let's factor in the new age rappers and just how many times they have 'tried to skip their rock' and let's see how many times 'their rock actually skipped'.

   First lets take a step back and even out the playing field. I'm only comparing K.Dot to the peers of his generation, or the only ones who seem to be on his level. Basically, I'm only comparison Kendrick Lamar to Drake and to J. Cole. Through my eyes and ears in this new age of rappers the three kings of the game are currently Drake, Kendrick and Cole [My reasons for those three could and probably will develop into another article]. Now let's talk some numbers.

   Starting with J. Cole, just to get his name popping in the conversation, believe it or not, he really doesn't get the credit he deserves. Out of the big three he does have the least amount to show for it (when referring to the awards, sales and tour numbers) but his message is one of the strongest, if not the strongest out now. But back to the topic of this Grammy debate. J. Cole has no Grammys. He has been nominated 4 times and has never won. Drake has been nominated 27 times and won only once. Kendrick Lamar has been nominated 20 times and has won 7 times. Men lie, Women lie, Numbers Don't.

   On top of all that Kendrick has only two albums out that have given him a #1 and #2 spot, all while keeping the heart of the streets behind his movement. And yes a lot of rap greats get o the next step through beefs and battles to some, like Jay Z to Nas or Drake to Meek Mill. But watch out for what's cooking up between Kendrick Lamar and Jay Electronica. If it does play out I think this one would be well worth it 

French Montana - Wave Gods [Mixtape]

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Hosted by the Wave God Max B, French Montana drops his highly anticipated mixtape 'Wave Gods'. With features from Kanye West, Nas, Future, Big Sean and more. Peep the track list and take a listen/download the mixtape below:

Rihanna X PUMA - Fenty Trainer

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Rihanna and Puma showcase their latest collection release of the 'Fenty Trainer' featuring three new color ways. The look and vibes of these kicks are dope but one thing that really caught my eye was the shoelace system. Peep 'White Out', 'Black Out' and 'Red Alert' below:

Reflex - The World's First Flexible Smartphone [Video]

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A flexible smartphone is something that I wouldn't think would be here for years to come honestly, but since it is here lets bask in the glory. Some can't be to shocked about this new invention, just a quick glimpse of the Samsung Curve TV and you can sort of see where they got their intentions/ideas from. The coolest part about this new smartphone, beside the screen's range of motion, is how it is just about unbreakable. Check out the video below to see all the features of Reflex:


ABC Nightline X DJ Khaled - The King of Snapchat

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It's about time somebody exposed what DJ Khaled has been up to this whole time under the radar. DJ Khaled has been on the pathway. ABC Nightline caught up with DJ Khaled to ask him just how crazy his life has been ever since he became the King of Snapchat. Which is sort of an under statement when you look at DJ Khaled's track record since 2007, but take a peep below at just how hectic the life of the 'Just Know' founder truly is:

Rihanna ft Drake - Work [Video Teaser]

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Even though this might seem like enough just keep in mind there is plenty more to come very soon. Check out below a video teaser below of Rihanna's latest single 'Work' featuring the 6 God Drake from her latest album 'ANTI':