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Future ft Drake - Where Ya At [BTS Video]

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With 'Where Ya At' being the only featured song throughout the entire DS2 project, you already know Future had to do it big. Not mention that the feature artist just so happens to be Drake, the same artist that got Future on tour with him and the same artist that every is claiming truly is the king of rap right about now. So with all that being said it's only right that whole shoot was captured in the 6:

Samsung - Gear S2

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Out of all of the gadgets that Samsung revealed at their Samsung's Unpacked 2015 event it seems that the tease of their latest tech watch, Gear S2, took away the show. From what was show is seems to way more attractive than the original Gear S and it seems to run a new OS, most likely created by Samsung themselves:

Y-3's Hayworth Guard High Fall/Winter 2015

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Y-3 brings us yet another dope item for the upcoming Fall/Winter season in the form of some shin-high kicks. The theme is all black everything with these leather and suede Hayworth Guard Highs. The feature I like the most about them is the waxed laces:


Meek Mill ft Quentin Miller - Wanna Know [Drake Diss]

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After the long wait, day near a week, Meek finally responds to the two diss track Drake drop throughout the week wait. Via Funk Master Flex Meek comes back with less insults and more questions, mainly 'I just wanna know?'. Jahlil Beats & Swizz Beats on the beat [lol]:

Kehlani ft Chance The Rapper - The Way [Video]

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Oakland based artist releases the visual for her latest single 'The Way' featuring Chi-Town's own Chance The Rapper. I think the vibes are dope, and Chance uniquely kills it as usual: 


Drake - Back to Back [Meek Mill Diss]

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Not sure if this is what Meek Mill thought the outcome would be but Drake came out of his corner not playing any games with the Dream Chasers. Everybody is waiting on a response from Meek which hopefully will be sooner than later. I don't think its to far of a spin by saying somebodies career is on the line:

Kevin Gates - Kno One [Video]

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Kevin Gates drops the visuals for his track 'Kno One'. Basically letting all these females out here know that they ain't no different then men. If you can think of a name to call somebody just know it takes one to know one:

Safaree Samuels - Lifeline [Meek Mill Diss]

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While Drake takes over the media's attention by dropping his repsonses to Meek Mill's claim. Nicki Minaj's ex Safaree Samuels "SB" comes out of no where with his choice words for the Philly native. Don't you just love Hip Hop beef:


Meek Mill ft Nicki Minaj & Chris Brown - All Eyes On You [Video]

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Its seems although Drake fired back at not only Meek Mill but also Nicki Minaj it didn't really faze them to much as they show us a look at their relationship behind closed doors.... but never mind all that just keep yours eyes open for Nicki in that swim suit:

Chris like the third wheel in this one 

Rel - Commas Freestyle

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Rel decides to cover Future's Summer smash 'Commas', which is only right with Future claims his first #1 album with DS2, but also to get the people ready for his upcoming project 'Who's Rel'. Peep below how Rel spins the track to explain his commas but still keeps the same turnt vibes:


Chris Brown & Tyga - Ayo [Video]

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Chris Brown and Tyga are not playing around for their 'Fan of A Fan' album especially if they're putting together visuals like this one. For their first single off the album it seems like the two were going for that new age Puff and Ma$e look and nailed it. The video also features some guest appearances from Les Twins and Mike Epps. 

Rihanna, Kanye West & Paul McCartney - FourFiveSeconds [Video]

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  I'm sure it was premeditated to release this video one a Tuesday since it really means "we got three more days till Friday". But any who, one thing that confused me about this track is that it isn't really nobody's song., The single 'FourFiveSeconds' will appear on both Rihanna and Kayne West's next project,. making this sort like two singles in one [Which I've never heard of before]., This also brings more light on Kanye West's musical bro-mance with the legend Paul McCartney after recently releasing his first single 'Only One' produced by Sir Paul McCartney. Peep  the All American classic black & white visual for Rihanna and Kanye West's single 'FourFiveSeconds' featuring Paul McCartney 

Robert Kraft is A Boss Just Like Rick Ross [Video]

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 Following the New England Patriots unbelievable Superbowl XLIX victory over the defending champions the Settle Seahawks the Patriots owner Robert Kraft decides to celebrate., But when your net worth is about 4 billion dollars and you just got another Superbowl ring to add to your collection,. you can celebrate like no other., One way being hitting the stage at an after party with Rickk Ross and a gang of MMG people all just to let everyday know your in building and to show off a slight two step because the Dj had to play Meek Mill's 'I'm A Boss' in Robert Kraft's honor. [Mr.Kraft does be getting it via TMZ Sports]

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Knock Out Kings EP [Promo Video]

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The first track off of Maino Gates self produced beat/mixtape 'Knock Out Kings EP' you'll for sure to hear a guaranteed banger from Rel's track entitled 'Lookin Right' [which actually is his only song on the project]. It is so much of a banger that the Knock Out Kings  have decided to go with the track 'Lookin Right' for the the beat/mixtape as the theme music to be used throughout the promo., Which is only right just for the simple fact that founder of Knock Out Kings anyway.
  Throughout the promo video you get to take a peek into the life of a Knock Out King, and on this exclusive night we catch the team having a slight photo shoot. Throughout the video and the photo shoot you also catch a few shots of Clique, a Pittsburgh based Vodka company. The Knock Out Kings show love towards Clique and are willing to work with Giants to be to not only build themselves up but to excel both brands to a whole new level. With that being said pour up some clique, press play, then afterwards go buy some products from Knock Out Kings Apparel, kokapparel.com 


Knock Out Kings [Prod. Maino Gates]

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In honor of the new clothing site release, Knock Out Kings Apparel kokapparel.com, a few kings got together and gave the go ahead to release some free music and beats just for the special occasion. This dope ear grabbing, while at the same time neck breaking, mixtapes is/was a sure way to get a few people's attention to start the year off. Producer Maino Gates [noble plot's very own] enlist a few emcees from the 412 and the 301 to get the job done this time around. With help from J.L. Bentley, Slick Webb, Cash Moola, Mieho 'Da King' and even Rel himself [founder of Knock Out Kings Apparel]. While some of the other tracks that don't include lyrics you'll be able to vibe right along with your own mindset as you try to remember where that sample came from. Or if it even is a sample. But don't forget even though the music is dope it's all for the Grand Opening of the new clothing site: Knock Out Kings Apparel kokapparel.com. So go check it out, find something for you or somebody you know may like and tell a friend to do the same. Knock Out Kings


Knock Out Kings Apparel

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Knock Out Kings Apparel has started the new year off right with the launch of official online clothing site. Currently featuring a dope selection of colorful good quality T-Shirts that are available for ordering right now, asap. From fresh prints to 3/4 sleeves you'll have several options to choose from. You can also check out a few of the upcoming sweaters and hoodies within their given tabs. Although there isn't a pre-order option for the 'coming soon' items you can always reach out by using the contact form, and maybe see if you could work out your own pre-order with the KOK team. But with this being Knock Out Kings first official store and with it just recently launching I already know for sure that there will be a lot more of the collection to come. This very well could be the year of the 'Knock Out'.


Rel - Sound [Review]

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Another fairly late post but when it comes to upcoming artist Rel it always is better late than never. Rel's blesses us with his latest project, with a dope title, 'Sound'. A project that could sum his current lifestyle just about. From his music grind to pleasing his fans to turning down here and there to put some QT with that lucky lady Rel doesn't miss a beat. And although I have should have made this sentence the first one [better late than never] I would like to welcome you to Enlightenment From A Revolutionist very first Album/Mixtape review.

Delfield Raps
Rel's project 'Sound' begins over an Epik the Dawn instrumental which uses a classic Aaliyah sample entitled 'Delfield Raps'. The track comes in with that "turnt up" type of vibe with the hi and open hats hitting back to back to back plus with the snare snapping crisp and the kick shaking any and all speakers. All in which comes at you in full force right on que with Rel shouting out the producer Epik.
With this being the intro Rel decides to spazz just a little, not so much were you can not feel him though. To me 'Delfield Raps' has two purposes one being a slight summary for any new listener that jumped on the bandwagon in between his last project/freestyle. The other purpose being a reminder to all the fans that were already on the bandwagon. A reminder that Rel hasn't lost his touch at all.
But the dopest part about the intro to sound is how it has that Drake Tuscan Leather sort of set up with it basically being two songs in one. The second part of Delfield Raps has more of a chill sort of vibe with Rel touching on the power moves he has recently been involved with. So still bragging just not stunting technically. The only thing I wonder is where is this Delfield that he speaks of.

Fall Down
Track 2, or really track 1 if you look at the intro as a intro, switch's gear from Delfield Rap's to a more serious and personal tone. This is one of them tracks you can just tell that no hoes where in mind when the making of the song occurred. With the main focus on the track being towards someone special Rel is making sure that his girl gets the memo before it's to late. The memo being, now that they made it to "living sky high" just make sure that she won't hit rock bottom from one bad decision. In other words, Rel is saying 'look hoe I'm that dude and if you ever play me it's back to level one for you'. Now that isn't no where in the song but that just what I get from it all. It's kind of like that Jay Z line from Party Life, " When you're used to filet mignon, It's kinda hard going back to Hamburger Helper". All over a RMB Justize production

The Plan
After you hear 'The Plan' you would think, or get the vibe, that it might be a slow jams mixtape with just a dope banger as the the intro....wrong. Just like the title says on this track Rel changes the mood of the tape by putting everything on the table and breaking the plan. I do think it's funny how Track 2 [Fall Down] Rel is letting his girl know that she better not loaf on this opportunity of being with him and then he starts this track talking about how 'she don't let a nigga breath'. Besides from letting us in on the plan of his Knock Out King Rel does throw in a little quick history of how he came to be from back in his college days. GA on the beat

Learn Som
Over a Kilo production the story continues from 'The Plan' to 'Learn Som', who would have thought. Track 4 might have the hottest bars on the whole project due to the message of the song. But at the same time Rel does keep it real [play on words], in the hook he says, "Work is getting harder right now, a nigga out here pop'n right now". Unlike most artist Rel lets us know just because it may seem like everything is all good he still can be overwhelmed and stressed out just like any one of us. What I like most about 'Learn Som' is how Rel makes the transition from putting his listeners hip to the 'The Plan' then comes with this track to remind them to learn something. Nice well put together track with catchy vibes from both vocals and production.

Not The Time
Although this si the only production on the project by CreateYaLane Rel gives his beat some justice as well, all while  still keeping the message/theme rolling along. Now that you'll have heard the schemes and felt the passion in the drive to get those goals accomplished Rel uses track 5 to 'put y'all in your places'. With a melo and stress free sort of tone Rel vibes on the hook saying, "You might be able to fuck with me, but now is not the time". The humor I get from this track is how you can tell this is the track on Sound  that the haters are h=going to hate the most. Just for the simple fact that you already know this one was made just for them.

Cool Off
Switching the attention back to the ladies 'Cool Off' could have two different feelings/meaning to some people, depending on how you look at track 6. Kind of like with the intro for Sound.  Rel sings of how if he had the chance to get with this girl he is referring to in the song no matter what she been through he got what it takes to show him that real side. I say people would have different expression about this track because I already know some are going to look at it as 'Cool Off'' meaning bathing like cool off in the shower [And ain't nothing wrong with that]. But I look at it all as no matter how tough/hard or protected [cool] a girl may seem there is those moments at any given time of the day where your going to have to take your 'Cool Off'. Beat by RMB Justive

Side That
On a Maino Gate's production Rel continues Sound with his attention to the ladies but keeps things a little more trill and still has a few words for the fellows too [no homo]. Once ladies realize that the Knock Out Kings movement really isn't to bad and decide to take their 'cool off' this is the song Rel wants them to hear next. This also is the first track on Sound with a feature and of course it is Knock Out Kings own ecmee Mieho. The concept of the overall track is dope as hell and Maino Gates on the beat pulled the entire piece together. And not to mention how this far into  Sound everything still makes sense and isn't random tracks thrown together; My favorite track.

That What It Is
"Grinding for that, paper ain't I. Yeah we on that, we ain't like no other niggas. Grinding for that, hustle for that....so if you... wanna ride for a nigga like me. That's what it is, yeah that's what it is.", says Rel on the hook of track 8, 'That What It Is, over a GA production. After letting all these females to cool off and refreshing them by letting them know this was the right side to choose to ride with all you really can tell them after that is 'That's What It Is' With a feature from FTR's Drama this track does have that bounce to it. Kind of hard not to fuck this one

Slowing things down for track 9 'Took' over another GA production Rel keeps things a little more personal this one. I look at this track as something like an admission from the ecmee Rel. Just because when you put two and two together at the end of the hook Rel say, "Watch how I let the music take these hoes", and with the title being 'Took' I can only think he is trying to let us in on something. I look at it as Rel basically admitting that he only sings for just about the all the same reason that all the other singers sing too, to get to the ladies. And ain't nothing wrong with thatat all, it's just cool how Rel uses 'Tok' to get that point across. If that was the mind set

Better Choice
R&B wise, especially vocals wise, I think that 'Better Choice' on Rel's Sound  is the best one out of all the selections. It kind of seems like the R&B version of track 7 'Side That You'. Using another dope banger from Kilo The Knock Out King vibes out on this letting all the ladies out there who may be in a position where you have to choose being committed with one of many options, make the better choice. Even though throughout the verses Rel speaks about his occurrences with his SOS's I enjoy how on the hook it is broad and could be looked at as the better choice in any situation really.

I Guess
RMB Justize did his thang on this track 10 instrumental on Rel's Sound  entitled 'I Guess'. With having so many options on the plate it does make them a little complex especially when all the options are individually beneficial. So much that sometimes when it comes to picking the right one you truly just have to guess, knowing that regardless the results can only be positive. Which is why I feel Rel on this one minus the category being girls. You really got to be that dude when it comes to guessing for that topic

Wrong With Me
Banger Alert! Just when you think the rest of  Sound was going to end on a melo down tone 'Wrong With Me' comes out of no where and smacks you right in the face. In the continuation of making Sound make sense and one piece, it's funny how on 'I Guess' I just said that s crazy how Rel got it to the point where he can just guess on who he wants to one and then have the next track agree with me by admitting that something is wrong with him. If you ask me I would say this is RMB Justize best production on Sound.

Rel ends his weel put together project Sound with track 13 called 'Slide'. If I had to judge this song would land at number 3 behind Fall Down & Better Choice as top R&B songs on the project, but don't get it twisted this jam still bangs too. This is one of them songs that you would play after you already get your booty call set up and your on your way back to the crib. Or I guess you could bump it before you set things up too just to get your mind right.

Overall this is one well put together body of work from upcoming artist Rel from Pittsburgh. Take some time out to see if you get the same vibes as me while listening to Sound. And check out the Knock Out King apperal

Rick Ross - Hood Billionaire [Video]

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Rick Ross done something that not many artist have done, especially any rapper of our generation, expect Hov & X, to drop two albums within the same year. The first album released within the year was Rick Ross's well delayed 'Mastermind'. During the time of it's release date rapper Rick Ross was dealing with some legal issues where the actual 'Rick Ross' himself claimed that he rapper was in a way stealing his identity. And in which kept pushing back the album 'Mastermind' throughout the course of the entire case. Which of course effected album sales and could of been a major factor behind Rick Ross deciding to release another full body of work int thee same year. Or maybe just because he is a boss and got it like that. But here today we the visuals for the intro to the album entitled 'Hood Billionaire' which is also the tile of the track as well. Directed and captured by DRE Films, peep the compilation of Rick Ross's various power moves all while he reminds us that he is a Hood Billionaire.


Grossing Samples Vol. 2 [Prod. by Maino Gates]

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This just might be my latest post of a post ever in Enlightenment From A Revolutionist history, but it's all good because I know this is something you'll been dying to hear. Maino Gates continues with the free beat series of Grossing Samples with the second placement of the volumes, Vol. 2. Like the title suggest this slight beat tape is oack full of samples. Samples that truly don't go hand in hand but with a few tweaks and effects here and there they turn out fairly well. From sampling Drake to John Legend to some classic Dru Hill 'Grossing Samples Vol.2' is a well put together piece of art. If you are an artist grab one or two and put your swag on it, if you just so happened to be a fan/listener rock out with your ____ out and pass them along to any artist you do know.


Rel - Brand New [Prod. Jahlil Beats]

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   Knock out Kings number one pusher, Rel, decides to spazz over a Jahlil instrumental just for the hell of it While flowing over the instrumental 'Brand Neww' from off of Jahlil Beats free beat tape 'Crack Music 7'. Rel reminds us just what it eould feel like if you could walk a day in his shoes.

  From the musical and apparel grind  going hand in hand for Rel's Knock Out King movement I can understand how things still can seem Brand New. New tags and music really day. More music coming up from upcoming artist Rel, who is also in partnership with Nobleplot.com. After you check out Rel's freestyle 'Brand New' take some time out to check out a few of the Knock out Kings apparel found in the right column